Step Cheshire Events 2020

Date Venue Course Title Time Speaker

23  January 

Holiday Inn  Chester South 


  1. Various, including Probate  Update


Registration 2.30pm

Seminar 3.00 to 6.00pm

  1. Gill Steel

26 March

Holiday Inn  Chester South

  1. Dealing with Charitable Beneficiaries 

Registration 3.30pm

Seminar 4.00 to 6.00pm

  1. Emma Facey (Foot Anstey)

14th May 

Holiday Inn 

Chester South

  1. AGM
  2. Contentious Powers under the Non-contentious Probate rules
  3. Estates with a Spanish element
  4. Followed by meal

Registration 3.30pm

Seminar 4pm to 6pm

  1. Paul Burch
  2. Jon Sutton (Decotta Law)

18th June 


Zoom Room
  1. Wills and Inheritance Tax for Spanish Assets

  2. Grants and Colligenda Bona Lost Wills

4pm Start (est. 1.5 hours)

  1. Jon Sutton
  2. Paul Burch

19th June (TBC)

Possibly The Disguisery Bar in Chester (formerly Mistral) or similar venue

STEP Cheshire Social


Innes Reid Financial Advisors – Investments in stock such as wine

17 September



Chester South

  1. Whole Day Conference – Joint with SFE

Whole day – Timings TBC

  1. Caroline Bielenska
  2. Stephen Lawson (FDR Law)


Holiday Inn  Chester South


Registration 3.30pm

Seminar 4pm to 6pm

  1. Robert Jamieson (Mercer and Hole)